Paloma Faith Review

Reviewed on 19 Mar 2015
  • Event review

    What a gig! The lady all in white opened with her amazing jazz band, before belting out her hit “Everything is Changing”, getting everyone in the arena up on their feet dancing and singing along.

    The atmosphere was something I have never witnessed before; as soon as she came onto the stage everyone in the audience was up on their feet getting involved.

    The first song to be played from her new album “A Perfect Contradiction” was “Mouth To Mouth”, with the audience still on their feet dancing along with Paloma, it was time to slow it down and take a trip down memory lane, playing “Picking Up the Pieces”,“30 Minute Love Affair” and “When You’re Gone” .

    After her fierce round of hit after hit Paloma took the time to acknowledge her fans, thanking everyone for coming along and supporting her throughout her music career, explaining how so much has changed for her since her last visit to Birmingham, with an additional platinum album to her name and her Brit award which she proudly showed to her audience.

    Back to the music – Paloma belted out “Ready for the Good Life” with the audience back up on their feet the party was back into full swing with the band playing wonderfully, completed with dancing from her backup singers. For the rest of her set she performed several of her hits including songs such as “Trouble with My Baby”“New York” and “Stone Cold Sober”.

    For the encore Paloma performed the stunningly beautiful BRIT song, “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” which saw the arena light up as people swayed and sang along to every word. Before closing for the night Paloma took a picture of her Barclaycard Arena audience to post on instagram and then performed “Can’t Rely on You”.

    A fantastic performance from the one and only Paloma Faith, the arena was in constant awe of her talent. For me the highlight performances from the night were “Just Be”, “New York” and “Only Love Can Hurt Like this”. 


    This was a gig I will never forget, perfect from start to finish, let’s just hope it’s not too long before she returns to Birmingham! 


    Reviewed by Chontell Smith.

    Reviewed by   Chontell Smith