WWE Live RAW 2017: Review

Reviewed on 08 Nov 2017
  • Event review

    Erm, did somebody order a SLOBBERKNOCKER? ‘Cos that’s exactly what we got as the WWE Superstars crashed into Birmingham! We saw title fights, British fights and the return of a legend! 

    It’s always a good night when the WWE rabble takes over our venue, but last night the atmosphere was electrifying! From the moment we stepped into the arena bowl we were greeted by thousands of diehard wrestling fans, some donning their favourite superstar’s t-shirts, some wrapped in shiny WWE Championship belts and a few (in particular a group of young chaps) dressed head-to-head in full wrestling gear – and they looked amazing!


    If you’ve only ever watched WWE on TV then you’re missing a trick, seriously! Yeah you’ve not got any commentary over the top of the action, but the noise you’ll feel as the athletes go head-to-heads is like no other.

    Kicking off the impressive RAW fight-card was Ireland’s Finn Balor as he locked horns with the creepy, yet dangerous Bray Wyatt. In a tight contest, which at times spilled over into the crowd, Balor was crowned victorious after scoring the 1…2…3! The battle was the perfect way to kick off the night!

    The first half was crammed full of tantalising fights from Goldust taking on the feared Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews, WWE legend Kane losing by DQ to Braun Strowman (which resulted in Strowman sticking Kane through a table) and a homecoming for Brummie boys Dan Maloney and the current WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne!

    Dunne and Maloney have given us some classic matches in the past, and with the WWE UK Championship belt on the line, the prospect of this encounter had the whole crowd tingling. It was cagey, it was scrappy, but it was SO entertaining as the two traded blows in front of their home crowd. Eventually, it was Dunne who got the breakthrough and managed to secure his prestigious title, which was made even sweeter as the crowd chanted the Bruiser Weight’s name!

    After a small interval, which featured audience participation and some awesome crowd games, it was back to the action and it was back with a bang!

    We witnessed a special tag-team match consisting of four of the best female Superstars in the WWE franchise as the current Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss, and Nia Jax took on the former champ Sasha Banks and fan favourite Bayley in one of the most entertaining matches of the night.

    It was all action with the ladies battling hard to gain a priceless victory over some of their closest rivals. After Banks and Bailey worked hard to breakdown the fierce Nia Jax, they picked a part Bliss to score a win which have the champ questioning how long her reign could last.

    The penultimate fight was the second championship match on the card as the current Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, took on WWE hero and one half of the greatest tag-teams ever…the legendary Matt Hardy! Before the two traded blows, they traded banter as Matt used his popularity with the crowd to get under the skin and into the mind of The Miz.

    The Miz, who was obviously accompanied by his knucklehead Miztourage, hated the fact that the Birmingham crowd backed Hardy and began using tricks and cheap-shots to chip away at the fan fave. It wasn’t long until the referee had no choice but to send Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel away from the ring and into backstage…but the distraction led to The Miz seizing an opportunity and wrongly defeated the Hardy boy.

    If seeing Goldust, Kane and Matt Hardy wasn’t enough for all of the classic WWE fans, there was one final treat in stall.

    The final match of the night saw Samoan Joe partner with Sheamus and Cesaro to take on the recently re-united force of The Shield…but one problem - they were a man down. Due to the Roman Reign’s recent injury, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were forced into finding a replacement or risk having to take on the three in a handicap match. Well, they more than made up the numbers with the superstar they roped in. The one, the only…KURT ANGLE!

    The legend swapped his suit and tie for the famous colours of The Shield as he took to the ring here in Birmingham for his first live show in over 11 years! The WWE Hall of Famer and two-time Olympic Champion played a crucial part in the fight which saw the combination of Angle and The Shield defeat the current WWE RAW Tag Team Champions!


    All in all, it was an epic night. The match-card was crazy, the action was irresistible and the atmosphere was electric. And to make things even sweeter, WWE Live returns to Birmingham in 2018 but this time over at our sister venue, Genting Arena. If you missed it this time round you seriously need to come experience the action for yourself – it’s unbelievable!

    Reviewed by   Todd Newton