From wheelchair access to our dedicated ticket hotlines...

Find out all you need to know right here but don’t forget that if you have any queries or need assistance during your visit just find one of our friendly staff who will be happy to help.


      We take customers access need very seriously and we are proud of the developments we have made to make online bookings possible for disabled people.

      In conjunction with our official ticket agent, The Ticket Factory, we have launched a new registration scheme for disabled customers which will result in your access requirements being linked to your account and allow you to choose the right access online for all bookings we have access tickets available for.

      We have chosen to pass the registration scheme onto the same organisation that runs the Access Card. Nimbus Disability is a social enterprise and an organisation run by and for disabled people and is recognised as a lead authority on accessible ticketing in the UK.

      When you register, Nimbus Disability will handle all of your information securely and safely without us ever having cause to see the detail behind why you need accessible seating options.

      Once you have registered, Nimbus will then provide you with a unique code which you can then use to link your access needs into our system.

      If you are not able to use online forms and would be unable, because of the nature of your impairment, to access online sales you do still need to register. Nimbus will be able to provide those that need telephone bookings with access to a specialist team at The Ticket Factory. The team will happily help you to register by phone, paper application or similar - please let them know what format would suit you best

      You can find more information here.


      All visitors with disabilities wanting to purchase tickets for events at the Arena Birmingham are advised to call our Ticket Factory dedicated ticket line on 0800 640 5001. We’re open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Weekends and Bank Holidays.

      Please inform us at the time of booking if you need a wheelchair space or have any special requirements, so that we can arrange for everything to be ready on your arrival. We will also help you find the most convenient seating for visitors with visual and/or hearing impairments.

      If you are a disabled visitor and require a carer to attend the event with you, it may be possible to claim a discounted or complimentary carer ticket. This can differ on a show to show basis, so please check with the sales advisor when you make your booking. They may ask questions to ascertain the nature of your disability to ensure you are offered the best possible seating and eligibility for a carer ticket.


      Assistance dogs are welcome at our venues; however we do recommend that they are not brought to concerts or other loud events.

      We ask customers who require an assistance dog to notify us of their requirements at the time of booking. Assistance dogs are only allowed within certain seating areas within the arena bowl for the welfare of the dogs, other customers and to maintain safe venue evacuation routes, should they be required.

      You can contact us via The Ticket Factory’s designated disabled booking line on 0800 640 5001. Alternatively, you can pre-register your requirements using The Ticket Factory’s free registration system via this link.


      South Car Park

      Our South Car Park lifts are currently being upgraded, meaning even level lifts are currently out of action. For concerts and events at the Arena, Blue Badge Parking is situated on Level 11 which gives direct access to our Arena Birmingham entrances.

      North Car Park

      Accessible parking bays are located on Level 9 of the North Car Park, off King Edward's Road, close to Entrance G.

      Collecting tickets

      If you need to collect tickets from the Arena box office, it is recommended that you park in the South Car Park, park on Level 8 and follow the pink route round to Entrance E.

      Larger vehicles

      Disabled visitors arriving in vehicles over 2m in height (Minibuses or Ambilifts), will be directed to the North Car Park. Here visitors can disembark, and traffic officers will then direct the vehicle to the nearest parking bay.

      Parking rates for the car parks can be found on the Arena Birmingham parking page.

      Drop-off point

      If you are arriving by car or taxi, but do not require parking, you need to be dropped at the bottom of the main steps on King Edward's Road, then follow the boardwalk to Entrance E.

      To get your bearings please visit our 'Finding your way around' page.


      Arena Birmingham has five stand-alone unisex accessible toilets. These are located on:

      Concourse level 1, opposite Block 2 (next to the medical centre)
      Concourse level 2, opposite Block 12
      Arena floor level, inside Entrance C
      2x Arena floor level, within B(eat) inside Entrance E
      Within all concourse toilets we have accessible toilets for both RADAR key holders and Non-RADAR key holders.

      Hospitality Areas also have accessible toilets (Quartz, Foundry & Vista Rooms)

      All of the unisex toilets are controlled by a RADAR key. Please speak to one of our stewards to use the RADAR key if you do not have one with you. Accessible toilets within the Male and Female toilets on the concourse level have both RADAR operated toilets and non-RADAR operated.

      In addition to the unisex toilets there are dedicated ambulant cubicles within the ladies' and gents' loos throughout the arena, which are signposted accordingly.


      In addition to the accessible toilet provision, Arena Birmingham can also boast a Changing Places toilet facility which can be found on the concourse opposite Block 5.

      This facility meets the needs of people with multiple and complex disabilities who have one or more carers with, and assisting them, by providing extra features and more space.

      Features include :

      Height adjustable, adult sized changing bench
      Ceiling hoist system to lift people between wheelchairs and the toilet/changing bench
      Automatic wash/dry, centrally located toilet
      Height adjustable washbasin
      RADAR key operated door
      (Please note - for Health & Safety reasons, we do not provide support slings for the ceiling hoist system. Customers are asked to bring their own).


      We operate a radio frequency analogue hearing system which covers 100% of the Arena bowl, which means you can book any seat or stand anywhere on the floor and still receive great sound quality.

      Customers wishing to use the system can do so free of charge and should speak to a member of Security on arrival at the Arena. We will then book out a receiver pack with lanyard and an earphone headset which plugs into the receiver. Alternatively, if you use a telecoil hearing aid, we can supply a personal neck loop which then plugs into the receiver to enhance the sound through your own hearing aid.


      There is a Medical Centre at Arena Birmingham located on Concourse Level 1 opposite Block 2. Qualified medical staff are on duty when the Arena is open to the public.

      In the event of a medical emergency, please notify a steward who will radio for medical assistance.

      Should you require a private area for personal care (eg private changing facilities) please speak to the staff in the Medical Centre who should be able to assist you.


      If you need a wheelchair and have your own, please bring it with you. We only have a very limited number of manual wheelchairs available for hire free of charge. We strongly advise visitors to pre-book wheelchairs to avoid disappointment by telephoning 0121 780 4141, then going to extension 46108 or ring us directly on 0121 644 6108. For any visitors who do not pre-book, remaining stock will be issued on a first come first served basis.

      Certain restrictions apply however: Please note that wheelchairs are for use inside the venue only and cannot be taken to car parks. The intended use of hired wheelchairs is as a shuttle service to your seat from the main entrance and back again.

      Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitors to keep hire wheelchairs for the duration of the event.


      Many concerts/events at Arena Birmingham use strobe lighting. Often we will not know about this until the day of the event. If you have any concerns then please speak to a steward who will be able to assist with further information about their use.


      An in-house committee meets regularly to address services for disabled visitors, and regular audits of our building are undertaken in respect of access.

      If you have any suggestions or comments you wish to make, please advise a member of staff. Alternatively, write to:

      Visitor Experience Manager
      The NEC
      B40 1NT

      Or email them at: [email protected]


      If you have a seated ticket and have a permanent condition that requires the use of a walking aid (crutches or walking sticks), then you are permitted to take these to your seat. We would ask though that you store them/it under the seats so as not to cause an obstruction or trip hazard.

      We do permit the use of walking aids (crutches or walking sticks) on a standing floor, but we ask that you be mindful of your surroundings at all times so as not to cause discomfort/injury to yourself or those around you.

      While crutches and walking sticks are ok, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate walking frames or rollators in seating areas or on a standing floor due to safety reasons in a potential evacuation situation. If you use one of these, then you will need to purchase tickets in one of our accessible bays or ramps.

      Please note that we are unable to accommodate persons with a leg in a cast or full support into seating blocks regardless of whether a walking aid is used or not. This is for safety reasons in a potential evacuation situation. In these circumstances, you should contact the box office on 0800 6405001 prior to the event so you can be re-seated into one of our accessible bays or ramps. Reseating is subject to availability and unfortunately cannot always be guaranteed.

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To help you plan your visit to Arena Birmingham, check out our entry on the AccessAble website.
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